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Longhorn Leather AZ - Custom gun leather for the discerning shooter. We specialize in custom (made to order) leather holsters and gun belts for the Cowboy Action Shooter (SASS) as well as single action and 1911 enthusiasts. Our products are design by shooters to deliver the highest level of quality and performance.

How to break in your holster

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How to break in your holster

Mark Valesano


Every leather holster is made to fit a specific model of gun. Each is closely formed to the shape of that gun by wet forming the pistol in the holster. Only use the holster for the model of gun it was made for, even if another gun happens to fit in the holster. Use of a different gun will stretch the leather in spots it shouldn’t compromising the retention the holster provides. 

You will find your new holster is snug: 

There will be a "break-in" period with every new holster, during which the formed holster will conform itself to the user's waist and belt. This process may take a week or more of regular use (draw and holster). 

If you wish to speed up the break in process: 

When your holster arrives, it will probably be a little snug. This is normal, and actually the way we prefer it. This allows you to break in your holster to be as tight or loose as you choose. It takes a small break in period for your gun to “marry” into your new holster.

If the holster is too tight, there are a couple of methods we recommend:

  • One method is to place your gun inside a standard Zip-Lock style plastic bag. Now insert the gun into the holster and allow it to sit for an hour. Remove the firearm and check the fit. Repeat these steps until your holster fit is to your liking. 
  • The second method is to wrap wax paper around your gun with the wax side facing outward. Place the gun wrapped in wax paper into the holster like the instructions above. The wax will transfer to the inside of the holster (a very minute amount) and aid in the draw of your gun.  Repeat these steps until your holster fit is to your liking. 

Please be cautious and go slowly during the break in period. Leather will stretch easily but it does not shrink quite so well. If you stretch your holster too much, you will end up with a loose fit. A loose fit compromises the retention qualities of the holster, and contributes to unnecessary holster wear due to movement of the handgun within the holster.