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Longhorn Leather AZ - Custom gun leather for the discerning shooter. We specialize in custom (made to order) leather holsters and gun belts for the Cowboy Action Shooter (SASS) as well as single action and 1911 enthusiasts. Our products are design by shooters to deliver the highest level of quality and performance.

How to clean and care for your holster ...

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How to clean and care for your holster ...

Mark Valesano

Your holster has been sealed with an acrylic finish which protects the leather and helps to resist moisture. 

On a regular basis;  wipe dirt, dust and grime from your leather holster with a slightly damp ( repeat, slightly damp) soft cloth.  Then, wipe thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

If your holster is really dirty, a slightly dampened soft cloth may not do the job.  If that’s the case, you can use a "hard bar of glycerin soap”. Work soap and a "small" amount of water into a lather and apply sparingly to the surface of the leather, rub in and wipe off with a clean, “slightly damp” soft cloth.  Then, wipe thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

Polish or wax may be applied to the outer surface to bring back the shine. If you would like to shine your holster, do so using a very light application of KIWI neutral paste wax.

Condition your leather holster once or twice a year with a leather conditioner (Fiebing’s Aussie Leather Conditioner or Lexol Conditioner). Simply apply a small amount (repeat, small amount) with a soft cloth and rub it in. Wipe off any excess and you’re finished.

**Please do not apply any oils or leather softeners to your holster. Your holster does not need it, and doing so will soften the leather and aid in the loss of retention.

**If your holster gets damp/wet; just allow it to dry naturally.  Do not use anytype of artificial heat (sun, blow dryer) on your holster, doing so will harden the leather making it brittle and cause cracking.